Don’t let pests take over your home or threaten your business reputation. Have our licensed exterminators handle the problem. For three decades, My Exterminator has served residential and commercial clients in northern Virginia, including Woodbridge, Fairfax and the surrounding area. Our experienced team is prepared to stamp out ants, eradicate mosquitoes and control termites that are active on your property. We’re qualified to handle any pest problem using the most effective and advanced methods available.

Woodbridge Termite Treatments

In the Woodbridge area, termite infestations are typically detected between March and May when swarms emerge from the ground and from the walls of infected buildings. However, termites are active throughout the year. Our licensed exterminators use the most up-to-date treatments to remove termites from infested wood and to eradicate colonies that are living on your property. If you’re purchasing a home, we can complete a thorough inspection to protect you from hidden damage.

Mosquito Control in Woodbridge, VA

Mosquitoes are one of the most common nuisance pests in northern Virginia. In addition to inflicting irritating bites, mosquitoes transmit a number of unpleasant diseases. Yellow fever and West Nile virus have been detected in our state. Plus, the aggressive Asian tiger mosquito, which is a major vector for blood-borne viruses, has been in the region since 1997. We provide mosquito misting services and can also protect your property by eliminating water sources that support mosquito eggs and larvae.

Northern Virginia Ant Control

Ants are indoor and outdoor pests that can damage structures, contaminate food and create a nuisance for home and business owners who struggle to deal with the massive colonies. Carpenter ants don’t eat wood, but they do damage buildings by boring out galleries that are used as nests. Tiny pavement ants and sugar ant are commonly found in kitchens and on driveways and sidewalks. Our professionals examine ant behavior to locate the central anthill. Destroying the nest is the most effective way to prevent ants from returning.

Woodbridge Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Pest problems are a nightmare for homeowners and local businesses. We understand how important fast, effective service is to our customers. When you call us, we’ll go to work immediately. First, we’ll perform a thorough inspection that will uncover existing pest problems and any underlying causes. Then, we’ll create a personalized treatment plan and provide you with an estimate for initial care, follow-up visits and any ongoing services that might be required to keep your property free from pests.

If you’ve been battling ants or mosquitoes or just want a termite inspection, we can handle everything. Call My Exterminator today at 888-439-1853 to schedule an appointment or to request a free quote.