My Exterminator offers expert pest control services to residents and commercial customers in the areas in and around Northern Virginia. Visible pests usually receive sufficient attention; however, subterranean termites are concealed. The only sign of an infestation could be small pieces of their body parts lying in the basement or near crevices in the walls. Dead carcasses might appear in small numbers, but it is a mistake to assume that these signs are not concealing a larger problem. 

Subterranean Termites

Termite swarms in Northern Virginia can cause extensive damage to private property, and they are also unpleasant to witness. Subterranean termites pose unique difficulties because of the nature of their species. The word subterranean indicates that these critters operate under the surface and out of sight. By the time their presence is detected, the damage to the structure of the property might already have occurred. They are attracted to buildings that have exposed wood surfaces, and they often enter the property through the soil, which can render any infestation prevention techniques difficult or ineffective. This situation poses a serious problem to anyone in Northern Virginia who cares about the value of their property. 

Termite Swarms

These termites build large colonies, and they often swarm during their reproductive cycles. There are also significant differences within the various termites that comprise the colony. Some of them have wings, and others do not. The flying termites are primarily concerned with mating activities; however, they are similar in appearance to flying ants, and this can make them difficult to identify. My Exterminator can help anyone deal with a termite swarm, and the problem should be addressed as soon as possible in order to remain effective. 

The winged termites are usually more visible to humans because they can travel within the normal line of sight; however, the invisible colony below poses as much of a threat to the property. Termite colonies construct networks used for tunneling and transport, but these structures are not normally detected by residents of the property. The professionals at My Exterminator are licensed and trained in the various detection methods used to diagnose the situation accurately. If someone in the neighborhood is dealing with a subterranean termite infestation, it could be wise to get one of our qualified professionals to examine your property. 

My Exterminator

Ignoring the signs of a subterranean termite infestation could be extremely expensive in the long run. Our experienced professionals can prevent infestations from happening, and we also exterminate properties already infested. Our providers employ Termidor solutions, which are effective when dealing with subterranean termites. It is easy to get a free quote from our service providers, and you can quickly get accurate information about our quality termite control and prevention methods.

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