A mosquito’s blood-sucking sting, a spider’s venomous bite, a termite’s insatiable hunger – all of these pests have the potential to destroy your property and even threaten your life if they aren’t dealt with right away. Whether you’re worried about catching the Zika virus or an invasion from any one of the 39 species of spiders found in Virginia, including the brown recluse, it’s best to invest in pest control to reduce risk and heighten your peace of mind. At My Exterminator, we treat every pest problem with urgent diligence to ensure your home and family remain safe. 

Residential Pest Control in Reston, Virginia

Virginia has been home to many battles throughout history. Today, many homeowners are fighting an enemy that’s as destructive as a wood chipper: the Eastern subterranean termite. This pest feasts on Douglas fir and other building timbers, eating the insides of wooden structures and leaving behind a hollowed shell of a home. 

The Eastern subterranean termite costs homeowners in Reston, Virginia, millions of dollars in damage each year. Preferring dark and moist environments, at least one in five Virginian homes have been or will be invaded by it. In an urban environment, a large colony of millions is often unseen and completely below ground level. 

Special Note: It’s important to note these termites move quickly if disturbed, causing damage to other areas of the home. It’s best to contact a professional pest control company to alleviate the problem without causing more damage.

Pest Control for Businesses in Reston, Virginia

Whether it’s keeping your employees safe, your customers comfortable or abiding by a health code, investing in pest control is an essential part of operating a successful business in today’s time of constant scrutiny on social media. To ensure a problematic pest doesn’t cast a shadow of a web over your business’s bottom line, remain proactive in preventing an infestation from happening or managing one right away if it does.

Special Note: According to recent research, pest infestations cost businesses in the United States an estimated $6.8 billion, with a total loss of revenue adding up to $13.2 billion. The study also revealed 90 percent of the businesses surveyed had at least one pest infestation in the last five years. 

At My Exterminator, we take every call and pest problem seriously. We know just how costly an additional day of damage to your home or disturbance to your business can be because of an infestation. Our team of customer service reps and pest control technicians is ready to help. For a free quote on a variety of pest control services, contact My Exterminator of Reston, Virginia, today.