Due to the number of residents, pests thrive in apartment complexes. Since walls are shared, a problem for one tenant may quickly become a problem for another.

This is challenging for an apartment manager to control. Pests can bring a multitude of problems to a multi-unit building. It is essential to recognize signs of an infestation and how a professional property management pest control company can help.

How Pest Infestations Affect Your Apartment or Condo Complex

Infestations cause tremendous headaches, especially in an apartment or condo. Termites can chew through wood and cause extreme structural damage. Rodents and other wildlife can enter attics and gnaw on wires. This can lead to devastating fires.

Mosquitoes, ants, and other insects can spread diseases to tenants. To prevent problems, it is essential to work with a trusted apartment complex pest control company.

Signs of a Pest Infestation in Your Property

There are a number of signs that pests have infested your apartment or condo. To begin, you may notice droppings. Also, you may smell unpleasant odors. For instance, roaches have a strong and musty smell. Rodents leave behind ammonia odors as well.

Pests may make unusual sounds as they crawl in your walls or ceilings. Small holes may be visible as well. Finally, you may notice a large amount of live bugs around your property. If you detect any signs, it may be time to consult with an apartment or condo pest control company.

How Routine Pest Control Benefits Your Apartment Complex

When your apartment manager works with a professional property management pest control company and has a routine maintenance program in place, everyone enjoys benefits. To start, maintenance is far cheaper than treating a full infestation.

Also, it decreases the chances that pests will cause damage. Your apartment will maintain a healthy environment as well. Routine maintenance pest control programs prevent premature wear and tear on a property. Things like moisture issues and gaps in windows and doors are addressed, which keeps the building in better condition.

Usually, an apartment complex pest control company offers numerous routine maintenance plans for individual needs.

Our Treatment Plans

At My Exterminator, we arrive to inspect an apartment or condo so that we can uncover any problems. We use “GreenPro,” which is an eco-effective service that successfully eliminates pest infestations without the use of harmful chemicals.

This means that it is safe for pets and humans. We provide different programs and take a preventative approach to pest control. We warranty most programs so that you know that your complex will be free of pests in no time. For added convenience, we offer 24/7 service.

Pests We Service

Pest Management for Your Property

If you detect pest problems in your Virginia apartment or condo, My Exterminator can help. Give us a call or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.