McLean Pest Control

If you own a residence or an up-and-coming business in the McLean area, you will surely want to handle any pest control problems as soon as they are noticed. Mosquitoes, rodents and termite infestations can develop into severe issues that will often be difficult for amateurs to get under control. My Exterminator will perform a thorough examination of the premises and come up with an action plan as soon as possible. Even the most severe infestations can be eradicated quickly and efficiently. If the infestation redevelops, our technicians will return to the property and eliminate the critters without any extra charges.

Home Pest Control in McLean, VA

Rodent droppings and termite swarms are likely to plague homes during certain portions of the year. In fact, roach droppings near the kitchen or bathroom generally indicate that the insects have established a breeding colony. During the summer months, mosquitoes can breed in puddles and standing pools of water on the property. Mosquitoes often carry a number of diseases, which they can pass on to humans and pets when blood is drawn from the skin. My Exterminator has more than 25 years of experience dealing with residential infestations.

Pest Control Services for McLean Businesses

It is perhaps even more important to deal with commercial infestations as soon as possible. When customers notice that there are pests living inside the business, they will be much less likely to return. If the company serves food, health codes are likely to be violated. Even moderate infestations can ruin the reputation of the business with the wider public. Our eminently reliable technicians can develop an action blueprint so that the critters will be eradicated and prevented from establishing themselves again in the future.

McLean Pest Treatments

At My Exterminator, we use a variety of cutting-edge tools and equipment to get rid of the offending pests. In fact, we will examine every corner of the property in detail so that the right techniques can be used. Termites and roaches can often be found behind walls and underneath floorboards, which will require specialized extermination methods. Likewise, rodents that have been getting into the building through the attic will require secondary control techniques. We offer a no-charge, callback guarantee that ensures the job will be completed properly.

Reasonably Priced Pest Control in McLean, VA

We are dedicated to providing McLean residents and business owners with the very best service. In all instances, we will develop a viable action plan and begin the extermination work right away. Heavy infestations may of course require multiple treatment sessions. If you are currently dealing with a pest problem and need quick action, call us for more information and a free quote.