An infestation of termites, ants, mosquitoes or other pests is more than just an inconvenience; these critters do serious damage to homes and businesses in Falls Church every year. Commercial traps and bug sprays provide a temporary first line of defense, but you’ll undoubtedly need to call in a professional exterminator to identify the source of the problem and prevent future invasions. Below are profiles of common problem pests native to Virginia.

Mosquito Control

Aside from causing itchy bumps with their piercing bites, mosquitoes are vectors for parasites such as heart worms and the dreaded Zika virus. They are especially attracted to lakes and ponds, but mosquitoes can make a home in any warm, humid environment with a water source. There are dozens of mosquito species that live in Virginia, and a professional exterminator can identify which ones you’re dealing to determine the best method for eradication.

Ant Control

Ants often crawl in through tiny cracks around doors and windows, but they can find many ways to enter a building when searching for food. Rotting wood that is damp and moldy is especially attractive to ants because it provides the moisture needed to support a colony. Once established, ant colonies grow exponentially as it takes only a few days for a hatchling to become a mature ant.

Termite Control

To a termite, a building constructed primarily of wood looks like an all-you-can-eat buffet. These pests cost home and business owners across the U.S. millions of dollars in property damage each year. There are measures you can take to avoid attracting termites, such as storing fire wood well away from your home; however, once they have gained entry, the only option is to call an experienced exterminator. The longer you wait to address a termite infestation, the more your repair bills will add up.

Pest Control Services for Falls Church Businesses

A army of ants marching across the dining room or sales floor can quickly ruin a business’s reputation. No one wants to eat or shop in bug infested environments. Investing in pest control services pays off in the long run by protecting your profits. Don’t put off handling your pest problem; the sooner you call a professional exterminator, the less damage you risk to your property and public relations.

Pest Treatments from My Exterminator

If you’re dealing with a bug problem in Falls Church, call My Exterminator for a free quote on our residential and commercial pest control services. We have been keeping homes and businesses in North Virginia bug-free for nearly three decades. Our technicians possess the experience and expertise needed to develop a customized treatment plan for your situation whether you’re dealing with insects, rodents or any other uninvited pests. Because we are committed to providing long lasting solutions, My Exterminator offers a no-charge callback guarantee, which means we’ll return if you experience a pest resurgence shortly after your initial service.