Del Ray is a part of the historic area of Virginia, and there are many reasons people come to this area to relocate permanently or simply enjoy a short visit. The average annual temperature doesn’t reveal the fact that there are short winters and long, warm summer months in this region.

There is a thriving tourism industry that will experience high volume during the months of September to the last week of April. Even when it does get cold, the temperature will rarely dip beneath 24 degrees Fahrenheit.

Residential Del Ray Pest Control

Virginia homeowners must remain aware of the dangers of a pest infestation that might erode their quality of life. Homes are vulnerable to pest infestations by termites, for example. These dangerous pests are capable of depreciating the value of the home by gnawing at the wood in the structure.

This damage can be deep and expensive to repair. Some homeowners will see a complete loss in the value of the property if a termite infestation goes unnoticed for too long. There are also a variety of pests that can enter the home during the hot summer months in search of water and shade. This includes rodents and wildlife, which may carry diseases that transmit to humans. The best way to protect your home from a pest infestation is to hire a Del Ray pest control company.

Commercial Del Ray Pest Control

Business owners are vulnerable to pest infestations, which can damage the reputation of the company. This has a spiral effect because it is difficult to reverse. The pests can also build their nests in areas that are hard to detect. This means that the pests could be nesting and breeding in the commercial facility while remaining undetected for long periods of time.

This is why business owners should maintain a preventative schedule for commercial pest control. This will protect the physical property as well as the reputation of the company.

Pests We Service

Del Ray Pest Control Company

Del Ray businesses and residents benefit from the services of our professional pest control experts. There are many kinds of pests that can infiltrate a commercial facility or home. These pests can go unnoticed for long periods of time, and the damage to the building can be taking place in the interim. This is why it’s important to schedule regular maintenance services that include preventative pest control.

At My Exterminator, our pest control professionals can answer any questions you might have about the process, so contact us today for a free quote on our pest control services.