Pest control services are essential for the health and wellness of residents and business customers of Dale City, VA. This area of the country is known for the pleasant climate during the spring and autumn months, but the summer season can be extremely hot and humid. This invites pest infestations, which can compromise your quality of life. Certain types of pests are common to this area, and they are usually attracted to the hot, humid conditions that accompany the summer season. Once you notice a pest infestation, it is important to take immediate action to prevent the problem from getting out of control.


Rodents are small mammals that thrive in this area of the country. They are attracted to the smell of decaying garbage, compost and other food that might be left in open containers. They will also seek out a source of water and shelter from the sun. This is why they often infest the interior of residential or commercial buildings in Virginia. Rodents have small, furry bodies with long tails and sharp claws. They can bite into electrical wires and cause damage to the property. They build their nests inside of the walls, attic or crawlspaces, and they may remain there undetected for extended periods of time. Rodents are known to carry diseases, and they can infest the property by leaving droppings, which can spread diseases to animals and small children who are in the area.


Flies are small insects with wings that lay their eggs in a variety of unsavory places. They often appear in areas where food is decaying and the smell of rancid waste is prevalent. They can lay a large amount of eggs in a short amount of time, which makes them difficult to control. Flies are known to carry diseases, which can spread if a human touches a surface where a fly landed recently. The disease can spread when the human touches a contaminated surface and then handles food or touches exposed areas around the eyes or mouth. Young children are often oblivious to the risk of spreading diseases when flies are around, and this makes it difficult to control. In addition, the flies are very fast, and they often escape common traps.


Mosquitoes are winged insects that carry diseases. They spread to the human population when the mosquito lands on human skin and bites into it to draw a meal of human blood. These small insects create large swarms around still bodies of water, which they need to survive. This makes them common in certain areas of Virginia where swampland is still found. Mosquito swarms are impossible for most people to control or prevent, so professional pest control services are often required. Mosquito swarms are common during the summer months, and they can quickly become unmanageable. When they spread a disease to a person with a depleted immune system, it may require immediate medical attention.

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