Why Not to DIY Pest Control

When a new pest makes an unwelcome visit to your home, your first thought may be to tackle the issue on your own. Attempting to do your own pest control, however, can have some disastrous effects to your health and your home. Before you suit up for battle with a pest, consider a few compelling reasons to hire a professional instead.

Lack of Knowledge

Most people can tell the difference between a bee and a yellow jacket, but few people can accurately identify the difference between a western yellow jacket and a German yellow jacket. Incorrectly identifying the pest wreaking havoc in your home may lead you to buy the incorrect product or use the wrong techniques. A professional pest company, however, can identify any type of pest and knows how to deal with the pest.

Potential Dangers

Dealing with a single pest may not be too dangerous for most homeowners, but dealing with a large pest population can present some dangers. For example, confronting a hive full of angry bees is a task best left to professionals, especially if you're allergic to bees. Don't underestimate the risk of other pests; mosquitoes can carry diseases and rodents are sometimes infected with rabies.

Inexperience with DIY Methods

Your local hardware store undoubtedly has an aisle full of products for DIY pest control. Using these products without previous experience, however, can lead to some unfortunate results. For example, if you don't take some preventative measures, like wearing protective gear, spraying an insecticide could harm your skin or eyes.

Delayed Remediation

Although some DIY pest control methods can work, some situations require multiple applications to fully take care of the pest problem. In these cases, your family's life will be interrupted by pests for days or even weeks. Opting to hire someone can get you faster results and prevent you from spending more money on products that might not work.

Harm to Your Home and Your Environment

Some pest control products are abrasive and can cause damage to your home and the local environment. Pesticides can contain chemicals that shouldn't end up in your local watershed. Proper application can help avoid these issues, but a professional team has more experience than you when applying various pest control methods.

If you're handy and you like to work on projects around your home, tackling a pest issue may seem doable. However, pests can be difficult to remove on your own and some may even present dangerous risks to your health. Hiring a pest control company can ensure the job gets done without any harm coming to you or your family. Contact My Exterminator today for help with your pest situation.

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