People love their kitchens. Maybe they want to upgrade or remodel their own, but that stems from their love of wanting the kitchen to be at its best. It is the area where family time is shared, new recipes are developed and mouth-watering meals are served. Unfortunately, people are not the only ones who have an affection for kitchens. Ants can often be found trying to get in on the kitchen fun as well.

Food Galore

One of the most common phrases a parent will yell when their child drops food is, “What? Do you want ants in the house?”. Many have heard that said to the point of insanity, but it holds a lot of weight. The food is in the kitchen. Whether it is stored away or sitting out, ants will make their way toward it to steal it for the colony. The easier of a time they have, the more inclined they are to return. Keeping up with kitchen cleanliness is the best way to avoid this problem. 

A Plethora of Space

Besides the sheer amount of food available, ants will also be drawn to the kitchen due to the size of the room. Kitchens tend to be large, open spaces with tons of nooks and crannies to get into around the perimeter. Not only are there a lot of entry points for the ants, but hiding places are everywhere. This allows ants to find shelter in addition to nutrition. Again, this is why giving your kitchen a deep and thorough clean from time to time is a good idea.


Pet owners understand how messy they are. Dogs, for example, will often take food from their bowl, carry it in their mouth around the house and eat it elsewhere. Naturally, this leaves crumbs and food residue all over the place. Plus, pets will sometimes carry in grime from outdoors that will also attract ants. It’s never a bad idea to give your pet a quick rinse before bringing them back inside, especially if they have been rolling around in the grass or dirt. 

Still Need Help?

Ants may be small, but getting rid of them can be a tall task. If you find yourself struggling to deal with ants, don’t stress. The team at My Exterminator has over 30 years of experience in the pest control industry and knows how to find the right solution for you. Contact My Exterminator today to schedule an inspection!