Spiders are an unavoidable occurrence in households. Although all spider species can bite, they very rarely bite humans. Some are venomous, and some are simply just too eerie to even look at. However, not all creepy crawlies can be considered dangerous. Allow us to show you a list of common spiders that are either too dangerous or more helpful to your home than you may think.

Dangerous Spiders

There are only two types of spiders in Virginia that are considered possible threats to humans. Even if you do not feel at risk by exposure to these spiders, you should call pest control to let them take care of things for you.

Brown Recluse Spiders

While brown recluse spiders rarely bite, the poison from these spiders is still considered very hazardous. Brown recluse spiders have basic, brown bodies, and can be found either inside or outside of the home.

Northern Black Widow Spiders

These types of spiders are more commonly found outside the home than in it, but their venom can be still considered deadly, even if the chances of it biting you are extremely rare.

Helpful Spiders

There are many spiders are non-venomous and do never intend to harm humans. You can call pest control to help take care of these spiders for you, but you must also consider that these spiders may be beneficial in some scenarios.

Wolf Spiders

With wolf spiders growing up to an inch or even more, they may look menacing, but they only feed on their prey. If you have other recurring pest problems, especially outdoors, a wolf spider may be an unconventional way to deal with them. They do not eat crops, either, making them great for farmers.

Other types of spiders that eat garden pests include cross spiders, black and yellow garden spiders and black tail crab spiders, each having different behaviors and lifestyles.

Arboreal Orb Weaver Spider

These are nocturnal spiders, and while they also love to eat pests, their most favorite pest of all is the mosquito. Mosquitos are the number one pest to ruin a fun night outside, but thanks to these spiders, you can experience fewer mosquitos, which means a lesser chance of being bit or encountering swarms.

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