Where Do Pests Go In The Winter?

When the cold winter months arrive, you might wonder where pests go to endure the lower temperatures. Sometimes, they make a home inside your house so that they can stay warm. Other pests tend to find places like logs or buildings to stay warm until spring arrives once again. Most pests use one of three different types of survival methods to stay alive in the winter. 

waspMigration is often seen with birds, but there are some flying insects that will migrate away from colder temperatures as well. They will fly from one region of the country to another in a flock. Each type of pest will travel a different distance depending on how far they can physically travel and how far they need to travel to stay warm and find food. Monarchs usually fly south to Mexico. Many other pests, like termites and mosquitoes, fly south as well to Florida, Texas, and Arizona. 

Another option for pests is overwintering. They will do everything possible to endure the cold weather of winter. These are the pests that take refuge in your home, in piles of leaves, under buildings and underneath the bark of trees. They will find places to go that offer protection from the lower temperatures no matter where that place is located. Honeybees are known for overwintering because they are among the first out when the weather turns warm again. Most of the activities that pests perform cease in the winter so that they can use their energy for staying warm and finding food when it's needed. 

You've probably heard of bears hibernating. Pests do the same thing. They will become dormant in the winter with little to no activity at all. Common pests that hibernate are ladybugs and wasps. They will find small holes or crevices to hibernate in until spring arrives. Some pests will make a cocoon. Moths are an example. They will finish developing in the spring. 

If you notice any issues with pests inside your home or in areas outside, My Exterminator can eliminate them safely and quickly. Treatments can be used to prevent pests from invading the home in the future as well.

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