The professionals at My Exterminator have seen a lot of pests, and as uncomfortable as it might sound, the odds that you have pests setting up shop in your home is fairly likely. 

Many pests are masters at staying hidden for the duration of their life. The only time they leave their hiding spots is to get food, water or to find a new home. However, just because you rarely see them, doesn’t mean that these weird pests aren’t impacting your health and your home.

So let’s go over some of the weird pests that could very likely become your newest unwanted roommate. 


Silverfish are tiny, wingless pests with silver bodies. The name actually comes from their resemblance to shrimp and the wiggle that they perform as they crawl. 

They’re fairly difficult to spot because not only are they fast and small, but they’re also nocturnal. Silverfish typically feed on the polysaccharide carbohydrates in sugars, starches or paper products.  

Unfortunately, these pests reproduce very quickly. So once spotted, you should call an exterminator quickly. 

Carpenter Ants. 

Carpenter ants are small and black. They appear to be a lot like other ants, but they’re usually larger. Some of these ants can fly. 

These ants come into a home for one main reason, which is wood. They do burrow into wood in the home, and while they don’t cause the same damage as termites, it can still be significant. Carpenter ants don’t live in the wood that they eat, so you’ll likely still find nests made of dirt or near moist places. 

If you find sawdust then it’s a sign they might be near. Looking around the area could reveal one or many more colonies. If you find them, learn more about what to do next here.

Bed Bugs.

Bed bugs are small and oval-shaped insects, around the size of an apple seed. They’re typically flat and dark brown. However, if they’ve eaten recently they may be a more translucent brownish-red. 

They’re hard to notice, but they can be almost anywhere in a home. They love beds, of course, but they also love any furniture or dirty pile of clothes that they can inhabit. These horrible, little bugs spread like wildfire, so if you have any reason to believe there’s an infestation, take the proper precautions by calling for help here.

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