Spider ControlIf you happen to notice a spider meditating in your bathroom sink one morning, you may wonder how the arachnid made its way into your home. Although your first inclination is to think that the spider crawled up from the pipe leading into the basin, the truth is that the spider somehow fell into the sink from the ceiling. The spider may have been spinning a web and experienced an unexpected fall. The thirsty creature may have been attracted to a few drops of water in the basin or to the scent of another spider.

In any case, you can easily remove the spider without harming it in any way. Simply get an empty yogurt container and hold it near the spider. You may need to gently tap the spider with the container. Most of the time, the insect will crawl right inside the container. Shake the spider toward the bottom of the container, put on the lid, go for a short walk outdoors and release the insect in a bush or on top of a flower.

Another way spiders get into your house is via holes and cracks. If you have spiders in your home, use caulk to seal any openings in the walls. Check the exterior of your house to ensure that there are no openings leading inside the home. Another way to prevent spiders from entering your house is to turn off the outdoor light.

Of course, if you turn off the exterior light, you risk attracting a burglar who is far more dangerous than a tiny spider. Avoid leaving wood piles, leaves, buckets and plant containers close to the entrance of your home. Needless to say, leaving space between your front door and the items on your patio presents a challenge. So, simply try to maintain the outdoor area in an orderly fashion.

If your home is an unruly mess, you can expect to see spiders. The best way to eliminate spiders is to keep your home clean and organized. Keep furnishings free from excessive dust. Sweep your kitchen floor a few times a week to eliminate attractive food crumbs. Mop the floors on a regular basis. Vacuum the carpet. Get rid of newspapers and magazines you no longer need to read. Spiders love clutter. If you eliminate excessive clutter, you are sure to notice that fewer spiders are taking up permanent, rent-free residency inside your house.

Check all the ceilings for cobwebs. If you see any cobwebs, knock them down with a long duster. You can also put the long vacuum cleaner hose to good use by sucking up the cobwebs. If all else fails, contact My Exterminator for a professional assessment and treatment plan.