Top Fall Pests That We See in Northern Virginia

When the fall season hits the northern part of Virginia, certain pests are ready to create havoc in your home. Before the temperatures drop too much, they are seeking warmth, food, and shelter. It is important to identify the creatures that may try to invade your home and ways that you can keep them away.

Stink Bugs

stink bug cardAs the outside temperatures cool down, stink bugs look for a source of heat. They often cluster along the side of homes and may enter through tiny cracks in doors, windows, roofs, or foundations. Although they usually go dormant in the winter, they may wake in the spring and become active inside of your home. They emit a terrible odor, which negatively affects your living space.

Box Elder Bugs

Even though box elder bugs are considered outside insects, they infest homes in the northern parts of Virginia during the fall and winter. It is common for these bugs to creep into attics. While indoors, these pests can stain furniture, carpeting, and clothing with their excrements. 


Mice and rats can bring damage and dangers to your home. They often nest in your walls or kitchen crevices where they have access to food. As they crawl across counter tops, open containers of leftovers, or items in your pantry, they can spread diseases. Since these creatures love to chew, they can gnaw on your insulation or wires, which can start a fire. 

Keeping Pests Away

There are a few ways to prevent these types of pests from taking over your home. It is important to seal all garbage cans and to make sure that all firewood is kept away from your home's exterior. Also, it is vital to inspect your house for cracks and to seal any gaps that are uncovered.

How My Exterminator Can Help

For over 30 years, My Exterminator has served residents who live in the northern part of Virginia. We understand what pests affect this part of the country, especially in the fall and winter seasons. We try to keep our treatments safe and good for the environment and warranty most of our programs for added peace of mind. We want to make sure that your house remains free of all unwanted creatures. For added convenience, we provide services at all times of day and night. To schedule an appointment, call us at (888)439-1853

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