While summer might be the most popular time of the year for pests to come out, fall is next in line. Lots of pests are looking for food and shelter as the warm months come to an end, and they may try to come into your home and hibernate for the winter. Here are some of the most common fall pests that you should look out for. 


Cockroaches love the warm weather, and when fall comes around, they are going to look for a warm place to go. This is why lots of people experience cockroach infestations in the fall months. To avoid this from happening, make sure you keep your yard and garage clean, so pests don’t have a reason to be attracted to your home. 


Just like cockroaches, mice and other rodents are looking for somewhere warm to stay once the weather gets chilly. They will most likely hide out in your garage or another quiet, dark space. Both mice and rats are quiet and not very noticeable, so you may not notice if you have a rodent problem in the first place. The most common signs of rodents are rodent droppings, so look out for that. If you see rodents around your property, you should check your basement, attic and garage for signs of rodents. 

Bed Bugs

As more people remain indoors and attend school activities, bed bugs become more prominent. These pests latch onto clothes, furniture and pet fur, and travel easily from home to home. It can be difficult to see bed bugs, but you will notice them if you experience a small rash on your body – those are tiny bed bug bites. To prevent this from happening, wash your clothes often and keep your furniture clean. Also, do not let pets run around in tall grass and then come into your home. Bed bugs, ticks and other pests can latch onto their fur and come into your home to stay. 

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