Bedbugs are tiny, oval insects that feast on blood. They tend to enter homes through used or old furniture, clothing, boxes and luggage. Bedbugs are one of the oldest known pests, second only to cockroaches, and do not spread diseases. 

Common hiding spots include beds, couches, carpets and dark areas. If unnoticed bedbugs continue to thrive, they will infest all areas of your home. Before you let these uninvited intruders take over your house, discover the telltale signs of a bedbug. 

Red, Itchy Bumps

One of the first signs that you may have bedbugs is bites all over your body. Bedbug bites are small red, itchy bumps that occur on any exposed skin. Many people mistake bedbug bites as rashes, eczema or ant and mosquito bites. However, one of the ways to differentiate between this and other skin issues is to take note of when the red, itchy bumps appeared. If they show up after you sleep, then you most likely have bedbugs. However, check out the other signs below or hire a pest control specialist to know if you have an infestation of these tiny creatures. 

Reddish Stains on Bedding

While looking at your bedding, you may notice reddish stains. You may think this is your blood, but they are actually crushed bedbugs. You can usually find these stains on mattresses, bedding and furniture. If you see red bumps on your skin combined with reddish marks on your bed, then you most likely have an infestation of these small pests. 


Another telltale bedbug sign is spotting eggs or eggshells. Bedbugs, in general, are tiny and hard to see, and their eggs are even more difficult to find. These eggs are usually about one millimeter small and pale yellow. Unless these shells are on dark surfaces or you are using a magnifying glass, you may not notice them. That’s why pest control inspectors recommend looking for eggs after you see bumps or stains. 

Dark Dot Spots

Other signs to look out for are small dark dots left on furniture, carpet, clothing or bedding. These tiny spots are usually the size of a period or the tip of a marker. However, they are the excrement of bedbugs. Take note of the areas you see with these spots, because those places may be where they are hiding or breeding. 

Call a Pest Control Professional

Do not let bedbugs take over your home. Follow the signs above to check for bedbugs. For families who live in the Northern Virginia area, My Exterminator has been around for 25 years protecting families and homes from pest infestations. For more information, contact us today.