The cold weather months often bring thoughts of holiday cheer, snowfall and frozen landscapes. For homeowners, these thoughts may be tempered with the threat of uninvited creatures invading their homes. To keep any unwanted guests out, equip yourself by learning about the most common winter pests and how to guard against them.

Common Winter Invaders

Look out for these clever pests who seek to move in with you during the winter months: 

  • Rats and mice: These rodents can slither in through tiny spaces. They cause structural damage to walls and electrical wires as they search for food. Rats and mice spread disease by contaminating food and leaving droppings and hair behind. 
  • Squirrels and raccoons: These relatively small mammals can cause significant problems for the homeowner. They often use overhanging branches and missing shingles as a way into your attics or walls. These pests are notorious for chewing and burrowing, which can cause serious structural damage.
  • Ants: These intelligent insects often invade in large colonies in search of food, water and shelter. They may nest underground or in your yard, finding entrances and exits to travel through at will. 
  • Cockroaches: These disgusting pests are undeterred by winter’s chill and seem oblivious to how far the temperatures drop. Once they enter your home, they are tough to eradicate. Their determination may be admirable, but you must win against their siege at all costs.

Effective Winter Safeguards

The comforts you seek during the winter chill, a warm home filled with tempting foods, also draw many other creatures. To stop them, learn how to think like a tiny home invader.

Invest time into doing a home inspection. Make sure to gather some tools for sealing and securing your home. Plan to do a home inspection at two main times:

  • Before winter sets in: Walk around your home looking for any cracks, damaged weather stripping, etc. Take steps to seal up every opening that you can. Invest in cleaning out your gutters, trimming back shrubbery and branches and decluttering your basement and garage to eliminate hiding places and expose any openings that need attention. Make a note of any places to watch throughout the winter season.
  • After any significant winter event: Do a reinspection every time that you have a notable drop in temperatures, snow or ice. Pay close attention to shingles or areas that may be weakened due to storm or wind damage.

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