How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home This Winter

Rodents don't like to stay outside in the winter. They want to be warm, and one of the places that is warm to them might be your home. There are a few things that you can do to keep rodents outside where they belong instead of in your cabinets, drawers, and closets this winter. 

s7Most of the time, rodents don't even care about the people inside the home. All they care about is finding food for the winter and staying warm. Keep food in airtight containers as much as possible. Don't leave crumbs on the counters or on the floor as rodents are attracted to these small items that you might not be able to detect. You should also keep dog and cat food in a container that rodents can't get into because they enjoy that as well. 

Take a walk around the home to see if there are any holes where rodents can enter. If you see any small hole, seal it in some way so that rodents can't get through. Steel wool is an option if you don't have anything solid to cover the hole with. Don't use any kind of cloth because mice can chew through the material and get inside the home. Even window screens with small holes in them can provide access for rodents to get inside the house. Another area that you want to monitor is firewood that sits outside. Rodents like making homes underneath logs because they can easily build a nest to stay warm and hide the food that they find. Keep firewood elevated so that rodents don't have a chance to make a home under the fuel you use to stay warm in the home. 

Remove any clutter that's around the house. This might include trash that's sitting outside, plastic containers or boxes. You need to clear away the clutter from inside the home as well so that rodents don't have access to any areas to hide. Keep bushes and trees trimmed that rodents could use to reach the upper areas of the home. 

My Exterminator can come to the home to set traps or use other products that will safely rid the home of rodents. There are treatments that the company can use to keep rodents from entering the home in the future once they are removed.

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