The thought of bees making your home their home is enough to cause any homeowner to panic. At first, it’s one or two, and the next thing you know, it’s a whole colony! You want to eliminate this problem as soon as possible. So, how exactly are these buzzing invaders getting into your home? For this article, we’ll think like a bee and cover a few possible entryways your home offers.   

Cracks or Holes in the Walls

You might find bees entering through the gaps below the eaves or under the roof tile. Usually, where wires enter the structure of your house, it creates holes that bees use as a means of entry. Try searching for these areas around your home. Seal them off with silicone before bees wiggle through and make themselves right at home. 

Open Window

If you notice a bee inside your house, hanging out on the window, chances are that’s the way it came in. Your window may have been left open for it to swoop right in. It might’ve even entered through an open door when you weren’t looking. In this case, a bee colony was probably searching for an area to set up their new home. 

The Vents

Always check your vents for any bee activity, even if you don’t hear buzzing. Without even knowing it, your vents could be housing swarms of bees. It’s not uncommon for bees to enter through the ventilation in your attic as well. Once they’re in, they’ll build a hive on the underside of the roof, at which point you’ll start to notice bees entering and exiting through ventilation holes. 

Chimney Exterior 

Bees are also known to travel through chimneys. Try searching at the top of the chimney and the area where the roofline meets it. Also, be sure to check under the eaves. 

Pipes and Gutters

Examine the gas pipes that enter your house as well as rain gutters for any potential holes where the gutters are attached. Check small spaces where bees can enter. Remember, if you notice a few bees coming and going, then you know you’ve got yourself a problem.

A bee infestation in your living space is no joke. As soon as you notice or if you suspect that bees are present in your home, contact My Exterminator immediately! Our specialists will locate the source of these pests and will return your home to a bee-free state once more!