Virginia is a beautiful state to live in. It has suburban areas, the hustle and bustle of city life, and beautiful, dense woods that are filled with an abundance of wildlife. Of course, some of this wildlife can be a nuisance. Pests and insects make their homes in the woods and people who live in Virginia have most likely already experienced some pest problems. 

Rodents are common pests in Virginia and can cause damage to your home. Here are some examples of how rodents can cause your property severe damage. 

Electrical Damage 

Rodents like mice and rats are known for chewing through literally everything – even electrical wires. These rodents are very small and can fit inside even the smallest cracks and crevices, making it easy for them to fit inside a wall and chew electrical wires within that wall. This can lead to some very expensive repairs. 

Structural Damage 

Rodents can chew through walls, leaving you with structural damage. Rodents tend to make their homes inside cool, dark places, and the inside of your home’s walls is the perfect spot for them. Structural damage can be expensive and is certainly a nuisance to deal with. Repairing the damage also takes time and is quite inconvenient. 

Other Damage 

Rodents create nests and leave fecal matter around wherever they go, which can cause a ton of damage. Nest-building usually involves chewing through walls and leaving holes in random parts of your home. And if these rodents leave their droppings inside your walls, other pests will instantly be attracted to the area as well, meaning that there will be more unwanted visitors making a perfect stay at your home. Fecal matter will also leave stains which might not be able to be removed easily. Nevertheless, rodent droppings are an obvious sign that these little creatures are present in your home. If you notice this, you should call an exterminator right away. 

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