Hot Spots for Pests in Your Home

Pests are a nuisance to just about everyone. They can be especially irritating when they get into your home and you cannot get rid of them. One of the best ways to keep your house free of pests is to identify the hot spots that attract them and decrease or eliminate the temptation. Here are some of the most common hot spots for pests in the average home.

Under Furniture

Pests like areas that are dark and quiet. So, underneath furniture is an ideal place for them to hide., particularly if the furniture is heavy and not moved often. Take a moment to check under your furniture for signs of pests, like live ones scattering away or empty shells of dead ones. If you find evidence of pests, contact a professional exterminator right away.

Pet Food Dishes

Insects and other pests love pet food as much as your favorite four-legged friend does. Ants and cockroaches are frequent interlopers to pet food dishes. Be vigilant with the pet food dishes and take action at the first sign of pests lingering around them.

Closets and Wardrobes

Pests, like moths, love to feast on clothing fabric and other textiles. So, closets and wardrobes are ideal places for them to seek out a satisfying meal. Keep and eye out for small holes in your clothing to see if you may have a pest problem. Also, check the corners of the closets for any insect debris.


Clutter can accumulate quickly and without warning. But, as soon as you notice it happening, put a stop to it right away. The more clutter you have in your house, the more attractive it is to pests. Keep piles of paper and other materials to a minimum, as they tend to attract insects such as silverfish, cockroaches and spiders. Keeping your clutter at a minimum to keep these creatures out is much more preferable than being startled by them when you move the clutter from one place to another and then having to figure out how to get rid of them.

Other Common Hot Spots for Pests

Other common hot spots for pests both inside and outside the home include:

  • Miscellaneous junk like unused flower pots, boards, buckets and jars.
  • Leaves, weeds and yard waste.
  • Edible crops.
  • Puddles.
  • Firewood.

If you discover unwanted pests in your home, take action and call a professional exterminator immediately. The qualified and experienced staff at My Exterminator and help you make your home a pest-free zone.

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