Home and business owners know just how much of a nuisance termites can be. They are annoying, destructive and can be difficult to get rid of once they infest an area. Fortunately, it is not impossible to find a solution. Making that solution easier to achieve is also possible by understanding the signs of a termite infestation. Let’s look at some ways you can identify a potential termite issue before things get out of hand.

Hollow Wood

Wood that has been hollowed out around the house is usually a sign that you have termites to deal with. Drywood termites love chewing through timber and will not leave much behind. If you tap against some wood, such as on a wall or floor, and it feels hollow, you may have termites. It can be tough to tell if an area of wood has been hollowed out without poking at it or knocking on it, so it’s a good idea to check from time to time.

Mud Tubes

These skinny, pen-sized tunnels are a guaranteed sign that you have termites. They can be found around termite nests, areas with wood or wooden structures as well as the foundation of a home. The tubes are used primarily by subterranean termites and offer protection as well as transportation for the pests. According to terminix.com, these are the only types of structural evidence that termites will leave behind.


One of the more gross pieces of evidence that you have termites comes in the form of their droppings. Termites will often produce fecal matter after they are done chewing through a surface or structure. Since the buggers usually travel around in groups, expect to find a little mound of the droppings in a corner of the home.

Listen Up

Obviously, if you see a bunch of termites crawling around, you know there is an issue. However, you may not always be able to see the invaders until a large-scale infestation has already occurred. Luckily, termites are not exactly the most quiet of pests. Soldier termites will actually crash against the surface they are on to send out an audible distress signal to their fellow critters. The workers are also naturally very loud when they eat through wood. If you ever hear strange clicking noises coming from around the house, it could mean you have termites.

Need Assistance?

If you see signs of a termite infestation or are currently dealing with one, no need to feel overwhelmed. My Exterminator can help you get to the root of your termite dilemma and offer the right solution. Contact us today to get in touch with a specialist.