Fleas: An Active Winter Critter

When we think of fleas, most people think that fleas only thrive in the heat and humidity of summertime. Fleas certainly are most active during those warm months, but fleas are fairly cold hardy creatures as well.Fleas

Fleas in Winter

If you have fleas outdoors, we generally say that it takes two hard freezes to kill them. By hard freeze, we mean below freezing temperatures for at least five days in a row – this constitutes one hard freeze.

In particular, fleas will naturally seek out a warm place, such as taking a hitchhike indoors on the fur of your dog. Once indoors, fleas are in more of a natural habitat and can survive indefinitely. Indoors, they will have lots of food and a warm place to live on your pet, so they are pretty toasty indeed.

If you have outdoor fleas, you can hope for two hard freezes, but if you have indoor fleas, they must be treated by a professional. Otherwise, they will not ever die, and you will soon have an out-of-control infestation.

Why Fleas Are So Hardy

Fleas have four stages of their life cycle: egg, larva, pupa and adult. Pets often act as a host organism for flea eggs. The egg casings are surprisingly hardy. The pet often carries the eggs into the home, and the eggs then fall into carpets and bedding.

Once the eggs hatch and become larvae, the fleas avoid bright lights and move deeper into carpet fibers and bedding. Once nestled in, these hot spots are often warm, dark and moist and the perfect environment for fleas to thrive. Adult fleas are attracted to light and start to come to the surface of bedding and carpet. This is most likely when you will notice the infestation. Adult fleas only live about three weeks, but lay an astonishing 500 eggs during that time. You can see why an infestation can get out of control pretty darn quick.

The professionals at My Exterminator know how to treat an indoor flea population. We will treat your entire house by spraying everything from flooring to furniture. We’ll keep coming back as long as you keep seeing fleas.

Amazingly, really cold places like Canada are having flea populations, so if this is happening in Canada, it can definitely happen in Northern Virginia, particularly if we have a mild winter. Get control of your flea population by giving us a call at My Exterminator.

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