We encounter insects every day. Most of which we aren’t aware can actually bite us. Some not-so-obvious bugs can bite. Even the cutest and smallest bugs, if provoked, can still bite you. Here are a few insects that you wouldn’t usually suspect.

Five Bugs You Didn’t Know Could Bite


Yes, these cute little crawlers can actually bite. They could have defensive and offensive techniques, allowing them to survive in their environment. Some caterpillars have stinging hairs, which contain poison. This can pierce the skin and cause pain, along with other adverse reactions. You should leave this insect alone, especially if you’re not familiar with it. 


These innocent-looking insects seem tempting to hold but might bite you if you squeeze them too tight. Grasshoppers will most likely bite you if you hold them too tight or they somehow feel threatened. If you do hold them tightly, their leg spines can irritate once pressed into the skin. 


Ladybugs are cute, tiny insects that no one would ever think could bite. However, they can with just a tiny, painless nip on the skin. Because their jaws are so small, their bite would feel like a tiny pinch and is almost impossible to break human skin. So when a ladybug lands on you, remain calm, for they’re not there to harm you.


Dragonflies are not looking to bite you necessarily. They have powerful biting mouthparts, mainly used to capture their prey, and will not bite humans in most cases. The only rare situation where a dragonfly will bite you is while handling them. It might bite you as a means of self-defense. 


There are some species of crickets that are if provoked, actually capable of biting humans. However, it is still pretty rare for these little critters to bite, and they are basically harmless. 


Although these insects are completely innocent and harmless, most of them can be a threat if they invade your house. Don’t let pests take control of your home, hire a professional pest control company to take care of it. Contact My Exterminator LLC for all your pest control needs.