With warmer weather just around the corner, some folks expect unwelcome visitors in the form of ants. These pests are a real nuisance inside many homes, as colonies search for food and water to survive. If you’re tired of dealing with these critters, test out these tips to control your ant problem once and for all.

Seal Those Cracks

How are ants getting into your home? The warm spring weather doesn’t magically teleport them inside. Instead, it drives them to find food and shelter in safe places, which they access via holes in your home. The solution to this is to identify any cracks around the perimeter of your home, as well as those on the inside. Fix these holes with materials the ants cannot penetrate, like caulk.

Keep in mind, this might not fix the problem if you already have an ant infestation. Ants may have been in your home for some time, and merely become more active in the warmer months.

Dry it Out

April showers bring May flowers, right? Well, they also bring ants into your home. These bugs need water to live, of course, so they’re attracted to any area that has enough moisture. If your home has leaks or an improper rain runoff mechanism, you’re more likely to come into contact with ant colonies. Check your plumbing and gutters for any inefficiencies or overflows. Note the places where water settles after rainfall. Are they near or inside your home? If so, find the root of the problem and fix it to keep your place as dry as possible, and therefore, ant-free.

Keep it Clean

Ants love to eat many of the same things we do, including meats and sweets. They become active in our homes because they sense the presence of food and water needed to preserve their colony. When entertaining in the spring, keep the food away from ants by cleaning up crumbs and spills immediately. Also try to keep the food in your home central to one room. This makes routine clean up easier, and is helpful for any future bait-setting or extermination attempts. In general, do not leave food or drinks out on your countertops or table for any amount of time. The fewer sources of food and drink you offer, the better.

These tips will go a long way toward combating your ant problem. However, there is the chance that your efforts alone still might not be enough. If that is the case, contact My Exterminator LLC immediately.