7 Surprising Facts About Ants

Ants are an unavoidable summertime pest. However, while you are probably very familiar with ants, how much do you actually know about them? In truth, these creatures are more than pests. Check out these fascinating ant facts!

1. Ants are a worldwide phenomenon

Ants seem like they are everywhere because they actually are. While there are some islands that do not have ants naturally, all other major land masses have ants. This includes South America, Africa, Asia and Europe in addition to North America.

2. Ants do not have earsAnts

Given an ant's tiny anatomy, you probably have not considered what parts they have. One part they do not have, however, is an ear. Instead, ants use their other senses. They can feel the vibrations in the ground by using their feet, antennae and hair.

3. Ants do not breathe

This one is not entirely true. Obviously, ants have to process oxygen in order to survive, but they do not use lungs like most animals. Ants have special openings on the sides of their bodies. These openings allow air to enter and circulate through the body. Carbon dioxide is then released through these openings.

4. Ants can be large

Typical ants in the United States are less than an inch big. However, other species around the world can grow up to 2 inches. Therefore, the next time you see tiny ants running around, be grateful for their size! Small ants are pests, but large ants sound so much worse.

5. Ants are ancient

There is evidence that ants existed alongside the dinosaurs. It is amazing to think about the survival capabilities of these tiny creatures. While the dinosaurs are now extinct, the small but mighty ant continues to thrive.

6. Ants have jobs

Most ants live in colonies, which are social groups. In order to prosper as a group, ants have specific roles to play. For example, the queen is sort of the head of the group. She is in charge of laying the eggs. By comparison, other female ants work inside the nest. Male ants are primarily designed to mate with the queen.

7. Ants can live a long time

Although the average male ant only lives a few weeks, other ants can survive for up to three years in the nest. This is impressive, but it is nothing compared to queen ants. These matriarchs lay all the eggs, and they can live 30 years or more.

These amazing facts show just how fascinating the tiny ant can be. However, ants are far more interesting when they are not inside your home. If you have ants or any other kind of pest in your home, My Exterminator can help.

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