As a homeowner, a constant worry that you may encounter is having pests in your house. The feeling of critters invading your personal space can cause severe distress and keep you up at night. Nobody likes unwelcome guests, and pests are the most unwelcome of all. Being able to prevent infestations is a crucial part of having peace of mind as a homeowner. Staying informed and taking action are the best ways to prep for vermin, and we’ve got your back. To alleviate your stress, we’ve compiled a short list of tips that should be helpful in making sure insidious pests stay out of your home. 


Vermin are very territorial creatures and mark their claimed areas with their excrement. If you own a pet, you get the gist. Basically, if you find rodent waste in your attic, there may be a mouse turf war going on up there. Pests don’t just use their urine and feces for territorial purposes, though – they also use it for the scent factor. If they can find their familiar smells, they can quickly come back to their homes.

By cleaning up any droppings you may find, you are eliminating the rodents’ ability to follow their scents and crawl their way back to your attic. You are also destroying their territorial markers, leaving them lost and confused. In addition to spot cleaning, consider replacing your insulation, as pests may very well have inhabited the insulation and left their waste all over it. 


Look for any possible entry points around the attic (and the rest of the house) that rodents may be using to get in. Check your roof, foundation, pipes, crawl space and walls for gaps or holes where they may be able to squirm into.

Once you have located potential invasion points, seal them off. If the rodents lose their entry positions, they have no way back in – this is a huge step in pest-proofing your attic for good. Once you have sealed everything to the best of your ability, think about replacing that insulation you just tore out from step number one. Not only will insulation add another layer between your walls and the attic, but it will also provide your home with more comfortable temperatures. 


If you’re still concerned about your pest problem, call for help! Experts have insider knowledge on how to handle these types of situations. If you feel overwhelmed, call for aid. If you follow these steps and still feel like you have an infestation problem, get the experts to assist you! Either way, the important thing is that you get the answers you need to your pest issues.
If you have problems with pests and want to learn more about how we can help, contact My Exterminator today. Let’s work together to keep your home safe!