When you step outside of your home, do you encounter bee, wasp or hornet nests? Stinging pests are frightening to see close to home, and these insects may even harm the health of you or your family members. While do-it-yourself sprays are available at home improvement stores, these sprays often fail to eradicate the problem completely. When you want to protect your family and feel comfortable in your yard, our experienced technicians can help.

Problems with Bees and Other Stinging Pests

Bees are yellow and black insects that are covered in visible hair. Bees are beneficial as pollinators, but the pests pose a danger to people who are allergic to their stings. Depending on the severity of an allergy to bee stings, these stings can cause fatal reactions. Bees are most likely to sting when provoked, and the insects lose their stingers and die after stinging once.

Carpenter bees tend to stay away from people, so homeowners typically do not have to worry about these bees stinging people or pets. While carpenter bees need to be extremely provoked in order to feel the need to sting, they do cause damage to buildings. These bees bore into wooden surfaces in order to build a nest within these structures. Carpenter bee damage is similar to termite damage, so it is important to get rid of the pests before extensive damage is done.

Wasps are long and skinny. Their wings run the entire length of their bodies. While some wasps live alone, many varieties form colonies and build nests. Wasps feed on other pests, but the aggressive nature of the stinging pests means that they are more likely to sting a person or pet without being provoked. Wasps do not lose their stingers like bees, so they are able to continue stinging multiple times.

Hornets look similar to bees, but they do not have visible hair and are more black than yellow. Hornets feed on pests and can help to keep pest populations under control. While these stinging pests are not as aggressive as wasps, they are able to sting when they feel the need to defend themselves.

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