There’s no evidence to suggest that bed bugs spread disease to humans. However, their bites can cause severe itching, allergic reactions or even infection from relentless scratching. Since conventional treatments for fleas, ticks and other insects are ineffective against bedbugs, infestations must be handled by professionals.

Bed bugs are oval, reddish-brown creatures approximately the size of an apple seed. Females lay hundreds of eggs throughout their adult lives, and their young reach full maturity in about a month. Just one pregnancy can result in 5,000 new bugs within six months. 

Bedbugs thrive on human blood and usually feast at night. Any area of exposed skin is fair game. Depending on individual reaction, bites may be flat or raised. A small number of people have no reaction at all to bed bug bites, but most develop swelling, redness or a tormenting itch.

Bites are usually painless and can take up to 14 days to appear on the skin. Some homeowners at first blame mosquitoes or believe that they simply have a rash. By the time that bed bugs are suspected, the tiny pests have already made themselves at home.

They may enter your house inside luggage, clothing or items of used furniture. Even spotlessly clean homes are susceptible to infestation. Bed bugs don’t fly, but they’re fast crawlers along floors, walls and ceilings. They tend to live and travel in large groups, and their activity leaves behind shed skin, egg casings and a rusty trail of excrement.

Bed bugs can hide in any cracks or crevices that are at least as thick as a credit card. They’re especially fond of mattress sets and headboards because of their close proximity to the food supply, but they also congregate beneath sofa cushions, behind wallpaper, in picture frames, around electrical outlets and even inside the spines of books.

How My Exterminator Can Help

For 25 years, My Exterminator has generously invested in our customers’ quality of life. Our commitment to homeowners in Northern Virginia extends to providing the latest equipment and technology for bed bug treatment.

One example is Thermal Remediation. This process, originally developed for treating insect problems in industrial food product plants, has been modified for residential use. It is an environmentally safe remedy that shows effective results.

Bed bugs can’t survive in excessively hot temperatures for prolonged periods of time. Thermal Remediation uses heaters, fans and temperature-monitoring equipment for an intense heat treatment that usually solves bed bug problems.

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Trust My Exterminator to Protect Your Family

There are never just a few bed bugs, nor do they hang around for a few days or weeks before suddenly moving on. 

If you’ve seen traces of bed bugs or suspect that you’ve been bitten, don’t wait another day to contact My Exterminator. We know where to look for problems, and we offer a number of options for solving them.

For top-notch service and the best protection for your family, contact My Exterminator today.

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