Situated just across from Washington, D.C., Arlington is among the most charming places in the country. Residents love Arlington’s laidback neighborhoods and waterfront views of the Potomac River. There are also a number of big attractions in the area, including the world-famous Pentagon. While Arlington is perfect for recent college grads, it’s also ranked as one of the best counties for retirees. Despite the many perks of living here, pests can still cause trouble for local homes and businesses. Before issues start to occur, it’s a good idea to have your property inspected by a pest control professional.

Residential Pest Control

As the seasons change, different pests start to emerge. Your family deserves a safe, healthy living environment. After your home has been inspected by a licensed exterminator, you’ll enjoy the extra peace of mind. When the warm weather starts to set in, mosquito control becomes especially important. These blood-sucking parasites love the humidity. Bees and wasps can be just as problematic during the summer. Not only can these stinging insects inflict pain, but they also put certain people at risk of experiencing a severe allergic reaction. Although termites may not pose a big threat to your health, the potential property damage can take a toll on your finances. For many residents, living with pests is an even scarier thought. Like roaches, mice have a knack for invading Arlington homes. Both of these pests will create unsanitary conditions. Don’t forget about troublesome wildlife such as raccoons and bats, which love taking refuge in attics.

Commercial Pest Control

With Arlington being so close to the D.C. area, local businesses have an even greater opportunity to thrive. Commercial pest control is extremely important. Pests are especially attracted to food supplies. This is why restaurants must take extra precautions. Even a single incident involving pests can give your eatery a bad name. Angry customers will quickly voice their displeasure on social media. After others catch wind of your bug problem, it won’t be long before you start to lose business. Arlington hotels also need to prepare for the worse. Insects, like bed bugs and cockroaches, are known to send guests running for the hills. As you can expect, “roach motels” are far more likely to fail. Other businesses that need commercial pest control include childcare facilities, textile manufacturers, supermarkets, and apartment complexes.

Available Pest Services:

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