Arlington Pest Control

Spiders, termites and ants have survived for millions of years by practicing self-preservation, and they are still succeeding. The comforts of your home invite them to invade, and your efforts to control them are commendable but usually ineffective. Our no-charge call back policy assures you of the success of our approach to pest control. We are determined to rid your premises of annoying pests, and we have the expertise to do it.

Controlling Pests in Arlington, VA

Tiny sugar ants can brazenly walk into your kitchen and onto your counter top to eat what they find, but they are more annoying than harmful. Large carpenter ants, however, are capable of digging tunnels in your wood. Creating damage that is similar to the work of termites, they require immediate pest control to terminate their destructive occupation of your home.

Termites are the real deal where destructive pests are concerned, and they can do extensive damage without your knowledge. Centering their efforts on remote, dark and damp areas of your home, they eat constantly all day and night until they devour all of the cellulose in wood. All that is left when they finish is an empty shell that is robbed of its strength. Regular inspections once or twice a year give you an opportunity to terminate them early in an infestation.

Spiders are usually harmless creatures that help reduce the cockroach population, but there are two that can cause harm. A black widow sting is noxious but rarely lethal, and the venom in a brown recluse bite is toxic. Many people have an extraordinary fear of spiders, and seeing them creates a stressful condition that is unpleasant. Brown recluses like to live in dark and warm locations such as closets, furniture or bedding, shoes and clothing. Black widows are more likely to live outdoors. Wherever your spiders live, we can track them down and eradicate them.

Eradicating Pests in Arlington Businesses

The presence of pests in a commercial enterprise is as annoying and unacceptable as it is in a private residence. Damaging your company’s reputation by allowing pests to thrive, a lack of pest control can negatively affect your business. Our program of regular inspection and treatment can make your premises attractive and free of common pests.

Finding Affordable Pest Control in Arlington, VA

At My Exterminator, we take pride in our family owned and operated pest control business and the services that we provide in northern Virginia. With a reputation for providing the finest quality of service for more than 25 years, we welcome new clients every day. We are pleased to offer you a free quote for services that can control your pest population.