Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are large ants that dig tunnels within wood where they build their nests. They can be confused with termites because they target wood, but there are differences. First, carpenter ants are dark while termites are lighter. Second, the hind wings of a carpenter ant are shorter than the ones in the front if they are present. A termite’s wings are the same length if they have them.

Pavement/Sugar Ants

Pavement ants are known as sugar ants because they are fans of sweet edibles. If you see one sugar ant, you are likely to observe many more because these ants travel together. You will know them by their light-brown or black color.

Unlike carpenter ants, sugar ants will not set up lodging within your home. They like to keep their nests outside and only come inside when they are in search of food. When this occurs, you may see a long trail of pavement ants that lead to food sources.

How Ants Damage Your Virginia Home

Carpenter ants are not eating your wood, but they are compromising the strength of your home. As they dig tunnels within damp wood, it becomes weak. That’s why homeowners who have an infestation of carpenter ants need to eradicate this problem right away.

Pavement ants are not as destructive to your home as carpenter ants. The worse they are doing is invading your kitchen and helping themselves to your food without being invited. They have the ability to bite, but their bite is not dangerous. Therefore, these ants are just pests.

Whether ants are destroying your home or they are just a nuisance, you do not want them to infest your home. Contact My Exterminator today for a free quote so that we can end this problem for you.

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