If you live in Annandale, then you know how peaceful the community is and how nice the weather can be. But the humid environment combines with the warm air to create the ideal conditions for pests to invade and multiply. Pest invasions can cost business owners and residents a lot of money, but catching the problem in the early stages is the key to success. When you want to reduce the risk of running into trouble, take some time to learn about the common pests of Virginia and what you can do to keep them away from you and your property.


If you spot a single ant in your home or office complex, you might not think the problem is worth your effort. But if a lone ant finds a source of food, it will promptly alert its colony, and you will have an invasion on your hands. Ants are attracted to sugary foods, but cleaning spills quickly and keeping your kitchen spotless can keep the pests from targeting you. Consider buying some plastic bags and glass jars to put your food in after opening it. These steps might seem small, but they will reduce your odds of encountering an ant infestation.

Bed Bugs

If you have never lived with a bedbug infestation, you are one of the lucky ones. These tiny parasites will hitch a ride on your clothes and bags, and they will find a hidden spot in which to create a nest. When you go to sleep at night, the bedbugs will come out to feed on your blood, leaving red marks to indicate their presence. If you think that you have bedbugs, you can buy traps to place on the legs of your bed, but if you already have a large infestation, getting rid of them with at-home solutions will be all but impossible.


Mosquitoes will breed in stagnant water and feed on human hosts, and if you have them on your property, you need to know about the danger that they can present. In some cases, mosquitoes can transmit harmful diseases to their human hosts, and proactively preventing them from biting you is an important step that you won’t want to overlook. You should not have any trouble finding sprays and other repellents at your local department store, but these supplies won’t always be enough when you want to safeguard yourself and your loved ones.

My Exterminator

In spite of your best effort, at-home pest control methods won’t always get the job done right the first time. Many people will use traps and insecticides from the store and think that they have solved the problem. But if you don’t eradicate the pests from your property, it won’t take them long to repopulate, and the cycle will start over. No matter if you are dealing with ants, bedbugs or mosquitoes, My Exterminator can get the situation under control sooner than you think. With our training and experience, we can handle infestations of any size, and you will know that you are in good hands when we show up at your door. If you are ready to evict the pests that have been bothering you, give us a call, and we will get started right away.